1. What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing is combining recorded tracks (instruments, drums, vocals) into one.

Each track is processed individually to sound good together.

Mastering is processing of the mixed tracks as one track. Final step of production process.

Cannot be done until mixing is complete.

2. Why so fast?

I just love what I do and I am spending days and nights delivering the best results possible.

You can get your track done even the same day!

3. Why so affordable? Do you even pay your bills?

The studio is located in my own apartment so the rent is not affecting the price. I don't keep staff to pay salary. Also electricity is pretty cheap in Russia.

4. Where are you located?

It is a beautiful city of Saint-Petersburg which is in Russia. Its story begins in 1703 as "Window To Europe" so its culture is really close to our European friends.

Anyway you don't need to visit Proto Mixing studio to get your song mixed and mastered since I am working online.

5. Who is in charge?

I am Nick. I have 10+ years of experience in mixing, mastering and production. I've been honored to work with more than 200 clients from different countries and successfully complete over 1000 projects in such genres as Hip-Hop, R&B, Afrobeat, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Gospel, EDM, Punjabi and more...

6. Who you worked with?

Jayductions (USA), Muzicville (USA), Teddy Aitkins/NUEX (USA), Israel Nkisi (USA), Armin Hoffmann (Canada), Ralph Myerz (Norway), Sherwin Gardner (Trinidad), AIYKO (Switzerland), Ygravity (Germany), Dexperia (Germany), Vieli (Germany), Lester Franco (Mexico/UK), Icha Kavons (Africa), TripleSix (Hong Kong), Tairan (China), Shakes-P (Philippines), Grinda (Russia), SHACHA (France), DJ Ryzon (France), Solsonic (France), Normand Music (Portugal), Patiotic (Chile), Dimelo Wil (Ecuador), Hanzuki (Singapore), Hello Kiki (Japan/Korea), PAVVE (New Zealand/USA), Kinston (UK), Des-C (India/UK), Heeath (India)...

and many many more.

7. Where can I check your mixes?

Here on the website.

8. OK! How do I proceed?

I will need your stems for mixing (aka instruments/channel tracks) in WAV or AIFF format with 24 bit depth, 44.1 kHz sampling frequency and -6 dB headroom on every track (lower every track to peak below -6 dB).

For mastering I need your mixed track with no effects on master in the same format

(WAV/AIFF, 24 bit, 44.1 kHz, -6 dB).

I can consider MP3 and other formats individually if you have nothing else to send.

Please contact me for more info and/or send your stems to the email: inbox@protomixing.online

For big amounts of files you can use any cloud service like Google Drive, MEGA.NZ but my clients usually send me through WeTransfer.

9. So how much?

After receiving your files I will tell you the exact price per song using this formula:

  • Mastering for just $29

  • Vocal mixing for $49 if you have a pre-mixed instrumental/beat.

  • Stem mixing for $59 if you have pre-mixed groups of instruments/drums/vocals. I mix the groups between themselves. Good middle-point between mixing and mastering. No more than 8 groups.

  • Complex mixing for $99 (no more than 25 tracks)

  • Complex mixing of more than 25 tracks: considered individually.

All the payments are secure and made through PayPal. You can pay by yourself on this website in the order section (taxes included) or I can send you a PayPal invoice personally so you can pay via your banking card without having a PayPal account.


After receiving the payment I start working on your song. You will get the result the next day or in a couple of days depending on complexity. Usually it takes no longer than a week.

After the work is done you will receive high quality MP3 (320 kbps) and 24 bit WAV files of the result. Any adjustments can be made free of charge within 30 days (unlimited revisions).

It is possible to split the payment in two halves: first one before starting and second one after the work is done. After the first half you will get ~30 sec preview of the result. After the second half you get the full version in high quality MP3 (320 kbps) and 24 bit WAV files.

You can ask for any other versions of the song like Instrumental, Acapella, TV mix (performance track), etc. Although the price for the complete processed stems are considered individually.

Also I can send you a complete breakdown on mixing and mastering which is made on your song for just $49 extra.

10. I don't like the result. How can I get my money back?

Unfortunately we are not in a retail store and if I return you your money no one will return me my time and effort which I have spent on your project. However I have unlimited revisions for 30 days from the minute I start working on the song. After 30 days I will be grateful for a tip of my lowest price ($29) to continue working on your song for the next month. This way you will get guaranteed result which is 100% close to your expectations.


If you have decided to stop working on your project due to your insatisfaction I can offer a discount for the next project you order. If not – that is sad and I can't force you. But don't worry – my clients are always more than satisfied.

And one more thing. Worth saying that some people are trying to outsmart me with PayPal's refund function which works only when shipping goods. It doesn't work when ordering a service. So let's solve everything peacefully especially if you do like the work.

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