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10 STEPS TO OVERCOME THE CRISIS even if you are in big trouble

How to understand that you are there?

- You have lost income or it has decreased a lot

- You don’t have any money at all. TOTALLY

- You have debts that you can't pay

- You are afraid of the future

That's a bad thing that you have loans, didn't accumulate spare money and didn't take care of creating several sources of income in advance. But you can get out of any situation, believe me.

Here are some very important steps to get out of the deepest hole.

0. Dream and believe.

This is not the end, and you are not the only one who's now feeling bad and scared.

1. Accept the new rules.

The main rule is that the crisis is real and you are in a hole. You need to get out of it. You need to act and it's useless to wait for a miracle.

2. Change the behavior.

Your past actions have led to current results.

3. Zero out.

Start from the beginning. Here and now - your starting point.

4. Cut costs to a minimum.

Reduce them to a survival rate.

5. Look for any income generation options.

Your task now is to make money by any means.

6. More outgoing communications.

Give more to the world than you receive.

7. Communicate with creditors.

You can’t run away and hide forever - communicate and build new arrangements!

8. Save money.

Even if there is nothing to put off, no matter how strange it may sound.

9. Repay debts correctly.

Begin to repay loans not with the most “expensive” ones, but with the shortest ones.

10. Invest in yourself.

In a state of debt, it's important to not to invest anywhere but in yourself, in your education. Your task now is to stimulate your brain, your goals, your self-confidence.

What is the hardest step? Write the number in the comments below 👇

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