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1. Put more than 50% wet reverb without pre-delay and low-cut pre-filter on your lead vocals or instrument. This will make your track sound really "rich" on the low end so every label avoid you.

2. Put some flanger or phaser on your sub bass. Or even pan it left or right! Let the listener feel like he's on a concert or watching an orchestra playing. You like realistic sound, right?

3. Let's pan your kick and snare left and right. Because why not? Don't forget to leave your hi-hats without velocity variation and in mono.

4. Put a distortion on your pad and noise FX. Also delay, reverb, distortion again, pan hard left and add +10 dB of high frequencies in some hardware modelled VST with 99% CPU load. Everyone likes when you use all the effects on a single channel track.

5. Don't master your song. Just put a stock limiter and crank it up until your neighbors knock your door. Of course you need some chorus and delay after the limiter.

I'm sure there could be more. Wanna add your steps? Do this in comments below! 👇 Let's have some fun.

Pic by: @danokvak

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