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Question is: good for what? This speaker is not developed to be main sound source in the studio. It's made to imitate most cunsumer speakers so you can get your balance right. It doesn't even have enough low-end or high-end comparing to usual studio monitors. Most engineers have just one Mixcube and there's a reason.

It's useful to check your mixes in mono from time to time. Also since Mixcube has only a single driver there's no frequency split within this monitor and therefore there are no crossover artifacts and no inter-speaker phasing because of using in mono. Mid-range is also much more detailed comparing to consumer speakers. So here's why you'd better get Mixcube instead of some old Logitech 2.1 Hi-Fi system. Or you'd better stick with your familiar Hi-Fi speakers to check the mixes?

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Pic by: @thisisntjohnv

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