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I can't really tell the exact number but I see lots of great pieces like Roland TR-808's clone Behringer RD-8. It's a pretty close successor but WAY cheaper than the original drum machine. Although on the market there's Roland's replica (TR-08) which is smaller but it's more of a portable solution which fewer ports to connect other gear.

Also there's true successor on the photos. It's Roland TR-8S with much more features than all of the above. But the price is 2 times higher than Behringer's version.

Can you see Minimoog Voyager? It's just beautiful. But super expensive and if I could I wouldn't get it in my country. I'm sure there are plenty of alternatives but it's not priority for now.

What else you find interesting on the photos? Please let us know in the comments below 👇

Pic by: @jmc_prokurecords

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