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Productivity is a skill that brings you not only good results, but satisfaction from what you do. In the modern world - this is the key to success.

What do we have to do? 5 simple recommendations. Remember them or better save.

1. Allocate less time for important tasks.

At the university I wrote term papers at the very last moment. I put it off until the last, although I knew the topic beforehand. Something constantly distracted or there was no inspiration - after all, there is still a whole semester ahead. By the way, I graduated with honors.

Remember a simple phrase: work takes all the time allotted for it.

For a short time, you will do more because put more energy. Create your own deadlines and don't pull to the last.

2. Deferred affairs steal your energy. This one continues the 1st paragraph. Do it and forget about it.

3. Get rid of multitasking

Don't switch from task to task, trying to make it all at once. It won't happen. Accept as indestructible law and do your work consistently, without being distracted by sudden requests and deeds.

4. Start your morning with something pleasant

How do you begin your day? With a cup of coffee, browsing mail and scheduling things? And what's at the very top of this list? I recommend starting with pleasant things for you. So you set the mood for the whole day.

5. Wake up at least 3 hours before work.

One study compared differences in the habits of rich and poor people. The rich wake up at least 3 hours before work. Having 3 free hours left, you can, firstly, have time to wake up, secondly, have breakfast, and thirdly, do some small morning tasks. This is a great addition to the productivity.

6. The rule of five minutes

If you can do the task in 5 minutes do it right away. Reply to the letter, evaluate the hours of work on the project, make minor corrections. But it should be exactly 5 minutes.

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