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MEASUREMENT MIC FOR RECORDING? Well... It's complicated.

Indeed I bought it to calibrate the room. But then decided to use the mic as a regular one for video calls and voiceovers. You would say, better than nothing? Actually it's better than any entry level mic in my opinion. And better than webcam's internal mic for sure.

Also it has a potential of being home made version of Slate Digital VMS. Not to say it can be complete replacement for that. But VMS mic is also linear as a measurement mic. Therefore you can use impulse responses of the real microphones on the source audio as if you emulate a guitar cabinet. Not a big difference at its core. The result is pretty similar to VMS!

I wish I could sing. Maybe someday I will try this technique and share my song to the world. Meanwhile this is not a recording studio at all. Yet. But I will be happy to mix and master anything you'd send my way. DM or comment for more info.

Pic by: @proto.mixing

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