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I know you guys pay money for the services and as a client you are always right. However I would like to express some wishes.

1. Value your time and your engineer's time as well. Please send finished songs. Of course you could send some demo with lots of notes and then send a bunch of additional stems while the work is still in progress. This messes up the workflow so much.

2. Name your stems. At least briefly so your engineer can easily distinguish guitars from drums in a 50-100 tracks project. Also try to keep similar parts in one WAV track. Lead vocals on one track, backings on one track etc. Not the every take you make. So basically prepare the stems properly. The engineer doesn't have to put things in order for you.

3. Record yourself as clean as possible. It's a pain in the ass to clean up those noises and the result will be far from perfect. Engineer is not a magician. He won't make a top song with the vocals recorded on the phone's mic in the bathroom.

4. Your feedback on the received result should be as detailed as possible so your engineer doesn't waste time on sending multiple revisions within one day while you are sending additional notes. That's a teamwork.

5. Don't try to outsmart the engineer. Don't send several songs as a single project while pretending it's just one song. Firstly it's obvious. Secondly this won't make the work easier but only harder.

And do you follow these rules? Or you haven't tried mixing and mastering services? Please share your thoughts in the comments below 👇

Pic by: @OzgurZoral @11ONmusic

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