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Honestly I can't tell that I'm a proud owner of let's say a hardware synth by Arturia. But in the last two years I had a chance to get two of their plugins completely free. Both were Christmas giveaways.

The fist one was Minifilter V. It's a really versatile and smooth filter plugin which was separated from Arturia's Mini V software synth.This synthesizer is a recreation of 70's Minimoog so it's impossible to describe its rich sound with words. I like to use this filter on master with just 2-3% of wet signal to add some analog grit to the mix. You should try this.

The second and the most recent one is Rev PLATE 140. It's a recreation of the world's first plate reverb. The original weighted really a lot (more than 3 people). Now you don't need this monstrosity and also you have many settings to adjust. They weren't even achievable back then. I like to use this reverb on lead instruments and lead vocals with 1/4 of wet and with moderate stereo separation. It sounds great even in mono.

Both plugins are still pretty affordable so try their demo versions and decide. And what's your opinion on the Arturia's products? Please let us know in the comments below 👇

Pic by: @proto.mixing

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