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WHAT DESK TO CHOOSE? 5 things you can do

I'm sure most of you came out with an idea of buying a special desk for your studio after getting some gear like MIDI-keyboard or a hardware effect.

Here's a quick list of what can be done:

1. You can stick with your comfortable table and add special stands or separate rack/closet for your gear.

2. You can buy just a bigger and wider table for example in IKEA. They have great options to choose. Although none of them are suitable for placing a wide MIDI-keyboard on a separate sliding board.

3. There are plenty of special desks for music studios like on the photo but most of the time they are too expensive. If you know some affordable desks let me know.

4. You can modify an existing desk or a new one which you have just purchased. Go to your local hardware store to buy tools (if you don't have) and necessary building materials. For sure it's a big time investment but the result will worth it.

5. Build your own desk by yourself! It's a bit harder than №4 but if you watch enough tutorials and spend a few hours a week on researches and attempts you can build a desk of your dreams.

Which option is the best for you? Please let us know in the comments below! 👇

Pic by: @michaelbaughmusic

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