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Even if it's a not the best idea to mix your song entirely using headphones you should have at least one pair of them for additional control. Of course you need ones specially designed for studio work. There are exceptions though.

For example my Sennheiser HD650 are not classified as "studio headphones" but as "headphones for audiophiles". Which means that they are kind of designed to sound as best as possible and not as honest as possible. But personally I think that they got the best from both worlds. Their stereo image representation is insane. Also detalization is much better than the most studio monitors of the same cost.

We've reviewed Status Audio CB-1 the last year and personally I was impressed how they sound for their cost ($79). In my opinion they were really similar to my old AKG K271 MkII ($199+) but not that sharp. This sharpness gave me pain in my ears and that's why I was trying to use more of HD650.

And which headphones are the best for you? Maybe you are using DJ or consumer headphones for mixing? Please let us know in the comments below 👇

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