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Short answer is: any. Long answer is... Continuing the topic about FL I can say that there's an opinion that FL is really CPU friendly because it downgrades the sounds somehow. That is not completely true.

Every DAW downgrades the sound. Most of the plugins have draft and HQ modes. Draft is used in real time playback while HQ mode is turning on while rendering the result. That's how FL works on default at least. And it even have an option to keep the draft mode while rendering. I wouldn't recommend doing that though.

There's a research where people use the same audio track and render in different DAW's. The resulting WAV files were subtracted from each other to find a difference. And there was no difference at all. Although they found out that Ableton Live brightens the sound a bit like there's an invisible compressor in the end of a chain. I believe that's not happening with the latest version.

Regarding the draft and HQ it's mostly about synths and antialiasing of the high frequencies. Synths generate really high frequencies which are above the Nyquist. VST effects are giving a better or the same result in HQ mode while rendering.

And what DAW do you use? Please tell us in the comments below 👇

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