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Let's take a look at this beautiful chair. Without it the photo wouldn't be so cozy and warm. All of us have something that is so close to our heart and body (booty?). A thing which is so hard to get rid of.

Actually it's a good habit to upgrade your stuff over time. If you have an old pair of monitors - get a new one in addition. Or a subwoofer. Or sell your old squeaky MIDI-keyboard and get some affordable analog synth instead just to try something new.

The list can go on and on but point is: you have to change. And you have to change your surroundings to feel the course of life. To feel the progress that you have done after all these years. Especially when you do a living off music.

You should enjoy the path of your carreer and not only pay your bills or buy only necessary goods. You should indulge yourself. Or else you wouldn't see any reason to carry on, you will slow down and eventually stop doing what you are doing.

So go buy something! You'd better stay home these days so buy online. Ask for a contactless delivery. And feel that you deserve this praise. (you can even try online services for example @proto.mixing)

And do you have an old thing that you would like to get rid of but can't? And why?

Please let us know in the comments below! 👇

Pic by: @kmx_music

All photos are property of their respective owners, posted for entertainment purposes only and have no relation to @proto.mixing studio and/or its staff.

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