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This is quite an off topic but I would like to draw your attention to this.

While being on lockdown I've decided to try something new. And it was a good choice to make some AR effects/filters/masks (call it whatever you like). Not to say this attracts new followers nowadays since you don't have to be a creator's follower anymore to use a specific AR effect.

Anyway these effects are music related so in theory this should attract somewhat target audience. For now we have 3 AR effects and we'd love you to try them. (Check them on Instagram via phone app)

1. Just a big cassette on your face with rolling "eyes". You can change the color and flip it over. Funny little thing.

2. Random Hip-Hop artist picker for collab. Why not?

3. Crazy studio setup in 3D, with animation and music. You can be at this virtual studio anywhere. Even in your bed.

4. This one is coming and you will like it.

Do you have any ideas for IG AR effects? Please let us know in the comments below 👇

Pic by: @lukepetruzzi

All photos are property of their respective owners, posted for entertainment purposes only and have no relation to @proto.mixing studio and/or its staff.

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