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I know there are plenty of them already and lots of really good ones. I'm aware of Valhalla's great reverb plug-ins as well. But I believe you can do miracles with your DAW's stock plug-ins including reverb.

I'm in love with FL's stock Fruity Convolver. It's a convolution reverb. That means it has not a lot of controls of the sound itself but nevertheless you can achieve great results with it. Just use one of the preset or download a free third-party WAV impulse response file and you will be good. Unlike algorithm based reverbs you have an option to fake pretty good a REAL space using a corresponding impulse or a preset.

Also no one forbids to use delay as a reverb. There's either a preset or an ability to make your delay's tail long and shimmery almost like a reverb. More than that it may sound much more clear in the mix which will ease your life. And what's your favourite reverb plug-in? Or actual analog effect processor?

Please let us know in the comments below 👇

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