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I've started with just a regular PC which my parents bought me "for school". But we all know why you need a computer while being a teenager.

Of course videogames. Just kidding. Not everyone plays videogames in their teenage years. I've played but just at the beginning and then in April of 2009 I've discovered FL Studio. The game has changed.

First off I've studied the DAW as much as I could. Then in a while I've purchased my first semi-professional sound card - ESI Juli@. That's classic. But it needed an audio source. I couldn't afford studio monitors (and honestly the PC was in my parents' room) so I bought AKG K271 MkII headphones. They are still with me but pretty broken (I will repair them someday I promise). Nowadays I have somewhat more modern and effective setup but I just don't want to bore you with lots of text. If you want I can continue in comments. Just ask for that below 👇

Pic by: @imeldagabs

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