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WHAT WOULD YOU PLACE IN THE RACK? There are few options.

As an EQ I would use Neve 8803 Dual Channel. It's classic already in my opinion. And as an addition Warm Audio WA273-EQ which can really extend the stereo field of a mono signal. Or maybe UnderToneAudio’s MPEQ-1. It's pretty versatile.

As a compressor Wes Audio Beta 76 would be a great choice. It's a successor of famous 1176 compressor but with some cool options like modern mode, sidechain controls.

And it's much more affordable than other 1176 successors (or clones).

What about other effects? For a reverb I would choose Lexicon PCM92 for its ability to reproduce vast amount of spaces, especially small ones. They sound like real! Bricasti M7 is an interesting one as well. Just try it. Buy one and it will serve you, your children and your grandsons.

And what would you place there? Please share your opinion in comments below 👇

Pic by: @sergiotrilliniofficial

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