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Your condition while pandemic is not just emotions and feelings but it's your choice.

Robert L. Leahy (a psychologist) proposed an interesting diagram which helps you to determine in what zone you are now.

1. Fear zone:

- I buy food, toilet paper, medicines in excessive quantities

- I experience fear and anxiety

- I complain a lot

- I'm easily annoyed

- I repost all the messages I receive

2. Learning zone:

- I start letting go what I can't control

- I stop consuming what affects my organism negatively - from food to news

- I recognize my emotions

- I'm aware of what's happening and think how to act

- I check the info before spreading it

- I realize that we are trying to do our best

3. Growth zone:

- I think about the others and how to help them

- I make my skills accessible for those who are in need of them

- I live in a moment and focus the future

- I'm attentive and sensitive to myself and the others

- I'm thankful and grateful to others

- I spread hope and remain optimistic

- I'm looking for a way to adapt the changes

- I practice calmness, patience, relationships and creativity.

Analyze your condition. What zone are you in now and in which do you want to be? Please let me know in the comments below 👇

Pic by: @cruzumusic

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