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Actually this discussion is as old as humanity itself. We all have been there and I myself was using a similar setup more than 10 years ago. Just an old PC with onboard soundcard, more or less decent headphones and strong will to become someone valuable in this world. But then it comes... Disappointment. After a few years of producing I wasn't satisfied what what I'm doing and didn't know why I'm still creating tracks. But for some reason I never had a thought about abandoning music production. I realized that I probably won't become the next Skrillex or Martin Garrix.

Anyway it was worth trying. You never know what path you will eventually take so I slowly was becoming friends with many producers who needed help.

I helped them with mixing and mastering. Free of charge. And they liked the results. I participated in lots of mixing contests. And I had really positive reaction from the listeners. I even won once. After that I've decided to move forward and try to mix for reward. Created a few pages on different social media and other platforms to promote the services, worked really hard on it and no luck... I don't know what Proto Mixing would become if the next didn't happen.

One of the social media pages was this Instagram page. It wasn't as beautiful as it is now but someday it brought me a client. Just one. And then a few more. And then 10 more. With long breaks. Meanwhile I was disappointed a few times as well. Now I know that this is a part of the process and no reason to be afraid of it. There is more than 100 clients and 1000+ successful projects now.

Keep in mind that there are always ups and downs and you have to deal with them. Anyway feel free to ask anything about online mixing and mastering services and I will be happy to answer.

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