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Okay. Not everyone. And not necessarily hate. But most of the people who tell that FL is garbage apparently didn't pay attention to the progress which the program made since its earlier versions.

Some time ago it was just a beat sequencer with a funny name. Basically a toy. But each version brought up more and more features and now it's a true competitor to the other DAWs. I know it still doesn't have those industry standard things like SMPTE sync etc. But who truly needs it? 1% of our followers I guess.

Performance issues? In earlier versions maybe. But nowadays it's not even a problem. Just organize your project properly and don't use your netbook to play six Serums at a time. Any DAW will crackle like a grasshopper this way.

Workflow? To each his own. I've already tried several times DAWs like Ableton Live, Cubase, Studio One, Logic, Pro Tools, Bitwig, Reaper, Reason. Almost all of them. And I still think FL is the best for me. Even for mixing and mastering tasks. You may call it a joke but last 5 years (of 11) I use mainly FL for the services (@proto.mixing)

Any more objective reasons to dislike FL? Other than its bad reputation I don't see any. And what's your favourite DAW and why? Tell us in the comments below 👇

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