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Gaming desktop for music production? Why not! It will serve you much longer than a less powerful setup. Even more. You will be able to play all the modern AAA videogames on it. And you will become super famous music producer for sure!

Ah come on. That is not true. Not completely true. Of course some contemporary Intel Core i9 9999k will help. More than nVidia GeHorse RTX6969Tit because DAWs use mainly CPU power of your computer, not GPU.

But do you know that let's say 30 years ago even the most advanced computer hardware was less powerful than your iPhone? It wasn't suitable for music production so people used hardware samplers (in mono!) and even tape to produce, mix and master their music. Imagine how it was 60 years ago. Was it bad music? Think about that.

So stop finding excuses and go create art. And we will help you with the rest (@proto.mixing)

What computer hardware do you have? Or you are using a laptop?

Tell us in the comments below 👇

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